Switched on Gutenberg, Vol. 4 no. 2
Table of  Contents
by Author
Peter Aaron  Moderation 
Kelli Russell Agodon  Bruschetta 
Deborah Bacharach  The Way Words Taste 
Kelley Beeson Unbidden 
Wendy Bishop  Frybread Trilogy 
Allen Braden  The Butchering 
Rhubarb Baby 
Norah Christianson Donut 
Allan Douglass Coleman  Tasty Fries  
Rachel Dacus  A Pot of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 
Beth Dalton  Flying Featherless 
Mary Krane Derr  My College Education  
R. Virgil Ellis  Cup of Coffee  
Robert Klein Engler  Shipwrecked on the North Atlantic - The First of February, 1826 
Roberta P. Feins  A Polish Recipe 
Fred Ferraris  Feast Day  
Susan Field  Hunger  
Charles Fishman  Breakfast at the Lake  
Arthur Ginsberg  The King of Vegetables 
Jesse Glass  Event  
Jana Harris Editor's Notes: Remembering Brie
Lorraine Healy  Easter Eggs in Buenos Aires 
William Keener  Taste the Heart of Darkness 
Mark Kipness  Eros: Thanatos 
Peggy Landsman  The Joys of Noshing  
Mercedes Lawry Big Tomato 
Cristina Lopez  That Hunger 
Rebecca Loudon  Comfort Food 
Mary Mackey  The Breakfast Nook  
Marjorie L. Manwaring  mussels and mangoes  
Mark McKain  Artichoke Beach, California 
Felicia Mitchell  Household Magic 
Brian Murphy  Slimming without Pills 
Mary Elizabeth Parker  Taste 
John Platt  Inside Out 
Charles Rammelkamp  Fiesta  
Larry Rapant  Lowku 
Richard Rocco  Sunday Paper  
Jude Roy  Mama's Gumbo 
Amy Schroeder  Homesick 
Noelle Sickels  Eating Artichokes 
Martha Silano  Such a Way to Go  
Laura Snyder  Ode to Range Cows - 2nd movement 
Scott Speck-Lesh  The Imposter 
David Starkey  Super Spar 
Marc J. Straus  In the 25th Year of My Grandmother's Death 
M. Anne Sweet  The Unfound Door  
Alessandra Taylor  Hunger 
Susan Terris  The Sound of Your Mother Chewing  
Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer what a woman wants 
S. Alice Tyack  This Year's Christmas Cake 
Kristin Camitta Zimet  Portrait of Paolo 

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