Cristina Lopez 

(Or "Note to the Gentleman Across the Room")

Let's not play the game 
That begs the questions 
"Who am I?" 

But skirt the issue 
In the many folds of my party dress 
And fulfill this shivering desire that drove us here 
Drove your stare 
And made me dare 
Submit these thoughts to you on a paper napkin 
Soiled only by my lips 
As you soon will be 

Come to me 
I await you hungrily. 

Copyright 2000, Cristina Lopez 

Cristina Teresa Lopez is a twenty-four year old New Yorker who "hates talking about herself in the third person." She writes non-fiction, essays and poetry. She is a big fan of the X-files, Little House on the Prairie and her nephew. 

Switched-on Gutenberg/Vol. 4, No. 2 

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