Mary Mackey 


the vision comes 
the object out of context: 
first the ducks 
that look like snorkelers 
black silhouettes 
against a void 
then at breakfast the next morning 
the bowl that is no longer a bowl 
but a white sound 
swirling into 
a depression 
of unspeakable depth 
the tea 
a brown ocean 
reflecting eight moons 
my hand 
a crippled starfish 
naked, albino 
floating up from the depths 
holding a fork that has become 
a long shining road 
that branches at the end 
into four paths 
that lead nowhere 

the spoon explodes 
clicking and ringing 
bell sounds 
rain sounds 
on a tin roof 
water beaded on flesh 
on metal 
domes of water 
sliding down glass 
miniature worlds 
distorted and luminous 
senses systematically 

the reflection is pitted 
against the void 
where no reflection 
is possible 

death is seen upside down 
through a pin-hole camera 

the cat in the mirror 
attacks itself. 

Copyright 2000, Mary Mackey 

 Mary Mackey is the author of four collections of poetry including The
Dear Dance of Eros (Fjord Press) and eight novels including The Earthsong Trilogy (The Year The Horses Came, The Horses At The Gate, and The Fires of Spring). She can be reached at  

Switched-on Gutenberg/Vol. 4, No. 2 

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