Roberta P. Feins 


When you betray a Jew, 
the Nazis will give you 
one half-kilo of sugar as reward. 

Use it in this time of want 
to bake a cake. Your family 
will marvel at the gold tooth
added as a prize. 

Do I need to mention 
the soap you use 
to do the dishes? 

Copyright 2000, Roberta P. Feins 

Roberta Feins has lived in New York, North Carolina and (currently) in Seattle where she has worked in environmental policy, fisheries, and marine biology.  She is now a computer consultant. She holds a poetic license from the University of Washington Extension Creative Writing Program, and is an associate editor of  Switched-on Gutenberg.

Switched-on Gutenberg/Vol. 4, No. 2

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