Wendy Bishop


Depression. Grandmother heats
Crisco, mercury hot
dough drops

winter snow, Father
pulls red wagon of donuts
door to door

* * *

saint's candles
and bright boxes of lard--
Sacramento market
Oaxaca bakery,
pastry-colored dust, traveler
talks to stomach

* * *

honey and flour,
Shiprock spring mud, Navajo tacos
at each truck stop

North Florida Fair,
Seminoles offer us frybread,
humidity rises

Copyright 2000, Wendy Bishop

Wendy Bishop's poems have appeared in Seneca Review, Hawaii Pacific Review and Chattahoochie Review and will be appearing as part of a collection she is co-editing with David Starkey titled In Praise of Pedagogy: Poems, Flash Fiction and Essays on Composing (Calendar Islands Press, Spring 2000).

Switched-on Gutenberg/Vol. 4, No. 2