Alessandra Taylor 


Stretched taut 
Over his fat belly. 
Knock-kneed legs stuffed 
Into perma-wrinkled pants 
Propped up his top-heavy torso. 
He stands 
In a banquet hall, 
Vacant, save a long table 
Draped in a white linen cloth 
And laden with sumptuous food. 
He eats 
And eats. 
Gravy on grits. 
A slab of roast beef. 
Fried chicken and pie. 
An impolite hunk of rich cake. 
His eyes bulge 
Like the tight lids 
Of a hungry lizard. 
They fast-scan the room 
Darting from corner to corner 
In a never-ending search for nourishment. 

Copyright 2000, Alessandra Taylor 

Alessandra Taylor retired from the pressure-paced world of finance to 
pursue literary interests, Zen Buddhism and the great outdoors. 

Switched-on Gutenberg/Vol. 4, No. 2 

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