Peggy Landsman


chicken soup serenity 
challah clarity 
pumpernickel, rye perception 
mandelbrot moment 
sesame samadhi 
gefilte gnosis 
halvah heaven 
kasha knish consciousness 
carpe diem!  kosher dills 
matzo ball...memento mori... 
tahini transcendence 
borscht with sour cream dream 
kishke with gravy 
cream cheese, onion, and lox on a bagel is all you need 
to know of love... 
or maybe the hole in the bagel's enough-- 
love finds its way 
through Openness 

Copyright 1996, Peggy Landsman 

Peggy Landsman lives in Albany, California.  Her poems have appeared in several literary journals and anthologies, including Calyx, Poetry at the 33 Review, and The Muse Strikes Back (Story Line Press).  One of her essays appears in the anthology, To Honor a Teacher (Andrews McMeel). "The Joys of Noshing" first appeared in Radiance

Switched-on Gutenberg/Vol. 4, No. 2 

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