Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
birding Rick Agran
The poet sees the collage artist work, and thinks of Shakespeare Judith Arcana
Fish Heads Janet Barry
The New American Poetry: Cento For Donald Allen Grace Bauer
From My Grandfather's Notebooks Anna Catone
The Epic of Morley Safer James Cihlar
Among Other Things Kelly Cressio-Moeller
But Lucille Lang Day
5 by 2: Number 1 Susan Erickson
The Tenderized Kingdom Anne Fiero
The Structure of Dorrit Giles Goodland
Surfacing Kim Hamilton
Protocol Amend Susan Hamilton
The House’s Wife Eve Anthony Hanninen
The Trinal Triplicities of Which Spenser Talks Juleigh Howard-Hobson
You Are Here Robert Huotari
Textual Luisa A. Igloria
Message to the Person in Charge Brian P. Katz
Untitled Priya Keefe
Bird Susan Kelly-DeWitt
She had all the answers Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Portrait Ruth Kessler
Innards Kelly Lydick
See How Sky Falls Karen Neuberg
Fifteen to Eighteen Sergio A. Ortiz
Picture Postcard Theresa Pappas
6 Months, the Museum Lara Payne
Does That White Seem Cold? Carol Potter
Putting on a Cardigan at Midnight Christopher Prewitt
Auto Life Fire Rita Mae Reese
Music for the Art of Magic Leah Shelleda
In the Youth of Swedenborg Dave Shortt
Inference Mary Ellen Talley
Mavka #29 Padma Thornlyre
Sadie's Shards Gail Tuch
Cockatoo Linda Umans
Time Pieces Mike White
Strike: Variations on Ten Words Scott Wiggerman
After the Centaur Lecture Deborah Woodard
Rubicon David Woodward
Simon Rodia Builds the East Tower of Nuestro Pueblo
to Honor His Brother Killed in a Mine Explosion
William Kelley Woolfitt

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