Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16

Music for the Art of Magic
William Kentridge "5 Themes"
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

We knew we had to come back
relive video magic
as it morphs  trance-forms
There are many white-haired here
we grew up on sleight of hand
rabbits out of hats   and all that
here for the animated light-source
prancing black shadow puppets
shiver of a sphinx trapped in a cage
the artist carried away    by a bird
then a torn portrait comes back together
what he threw away flies back into his hands
(And what comes back to you   what went unwanted
because the time was wrong    may return
you are ready now   at last)

Copyright 2010,  Leah Shelleda

Leah Shelleda is Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Philosophy at the College of Marin. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, and her chapbook, A Flash of Angel, was recently published by Blue Light Press.

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