Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
Sadie’s Shards

Learning that shards        
from the backyard of        
Sadie’s studio are now        
part of Eleanor’s        
sculpture happily        
housed inside St John
The Divine leads
me to wonder how gene
names specifically
amontillado malvolio
smaug indy barents
tribbles kuzbanian
that presently share space
in my notebook with
Proust’s Prince Von
Weinigen and Mme de
Villeparisis would
mingle with a description
of my shattered glasses

 Wonder Cabinet from “Shard” Exhibit at
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle
Copyright 2010, David Francis

Copyright 2010, Gail Tuch

Gail Tuch formerly taught English at an alternative high school. She collaborated on the writing and acted in “Spectral Cravings,” a performance piece. Occasionally, she reviews literary magazines for the ReviewReview.

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