Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
Mavka #29.

Tatiana, Moya Dusha,          tonight’s too cold for walking
but crowning the westerly          pines Venus and her swallows
Miles Davis on DVD          blows from 1959
on the woodstove pipe, Christmas          lights, stars, plastic icicles
a hummingbird’s grassy nest          and an Irish wishing stone
I break two cereal bowls          and a wine glass, kissing your
eidolon washing them—a          shard stings my finger—I’m so
glad my daughter didn’t see          she’d have gladly laughed at me
because of your freckles, love          because we’ve both lost parents
because of my beginnings          in you, this awakening
you are my intoxicant          I would make you my shelter
I have seen lights in these woods          Dionysos awakes, a
deep-rooted vine crosses two          worlds, we its clustered berries

Copyright 2010,  Padma Thornlyre

Padma Thornlyre lives and writes in the canyon village of Kittredge, Colorado, where he lives in a Habitat for Humanity home with his daughter and two cats. Employed at Creekside Cellars, an award-winning winery in nearby Evergreen, Padma is also the co-founder of Turkey Buzzard Press.

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