Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
The Structure of Dorrit

It was as if that weather-beaten structure were another Ark, and floated away upon
the shadowy
sky: so glowing on the buildings, and so lightening their structure, that it made them
near relatives; and when cementing the proud structure of a family edifice; these are
usually auspicious
the Bank was broken, the other model structures of straw had taken fire and were
turned to smoke.

Copyright 2010,  Giles Goodland

"The Structure of Dorritt" is made up of lines from Dickens' novel.  Goodland searched for repeating key words in an electronic text of the novel and assembled a poem from the results.  Other poems in this series include "The Eggs in Chuzzlewit" and "The Poem in Pickwick." Giles Goodland is based in the UK.  His last book was What the Things Sang from Shearsman.

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