Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16
You Are Here

that you love me    I have proof
that you do not love me    I have proof
to my hungry heart    proof is food
now hereís how the earth came to be
and Adam again knew his wife and
she bore a son and called his name King Kong
which means    he climbs the building    reaches in
through the window    and takes out Fay Wray
and then invents the clarinet    he has the idea
but someone else gets the credit
and itís not fair    here comes the state line
kids lift your feet    say    bless us mother
for we have not sinned    without good reason
in self defense or    in anger or    in our inner ears
the trumpet    the drum or    the voice of God.

Copyright 2010,  Robert Huotari

In 1954, Robert Huotari was a student in a one-room country school in remote Northeastern Oregon. In 1968, he was part of a U.S. Forest Service hotshot crew sent to Northern New Mexico to fight a forest fire. He currently teaches mathematics at Glendale (AZ) Community College.

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