Switched-on Gutenberg Issue 16

vireoed beech limb
black-throated green blackberry bramble
hawked Nissittissit River
looned late summer eve
bluejayed cat slink
cedar fence bob-o-linked
whip-poor-willed night porch
orioled pear blossom
robined red maple
catbirded white-footed mouse
crowed corn tassels

Memory Shutters
Copyright 2010, David Francis

Copyright 2010,  Rick Agran

Rick Agran authored Crow Milk (poems for big kids) and Pumpkin Shivaree (a picture book for little kids with Seattle's amazing artist, Sarah Anderson). For the last 10 years he's (mostly) taught artists to write and worked in the public humanities. He is a poet in New Hampshire (NH) public schools for the NH State Council on the Arts and the Children's Literacy Foundation.

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