Gains & Losses
The Table of Losses Martha Silano
The Stock Market Loses Fluidity Barbara Crooker
Waiting for the Free Play in the Park Casey Fuller
After the Poetry Reading Someone Gives Me a Plastic Sack Full of Food Casey Fuller
Full Moon Laura Cherry
Characters on a Trading Desk Engulfed in Red Ink Pat Briardy
Eyes Barbara Daniels
The Strawberry Kathy Briccetti
Days of Reckoning Rosemarie Crisafi
Too Many, Too Few Nick Lantz
A Day Like That John Krumberger
Enough Amy MacLennan
Deep with the First Dead Kathleen Hellen
Wild Cherries Kathleen Hellen
Elegy for Darkness Sankar Roy
History of a Nation Sankar Roy
Lottery Rasma Haidri
We Have Traveled Here Andrena Zawinski
The Children Are Gone Lois Marie Harrod
Communications at Sea Penelope Schott
Progress Emari DiGiorgio
Status Report Rebecca Givens Rolland
The Accountant Gets Dressed Shanna Germain
Blessing what’s yet to be lost Mary Zeppa
Early Spring Mary Lynne Evans
Downturn Howard Good
Lost Virginity George Moore
Poem While the Market Crashes George Moore
October Jennifer Juneau
My Father’s Tzimmes, 1956 Esther Altshul Helfgott
A woman standing by the stone wall Sherry O’Keefe
The Gambler's Daughter Lucille Lang Day
The Cruelest Month Jeanne Wagner
The Seductiveness of the Memory Hole Jessy Randall
After the Funeral Adrian S. Potter
Bargain Iain Macdonald
Fifteen and Fifty Kristin Roedell
What He Wouldn't Be Thinking About John Sangster
Red-tailed Hawk Laura Snyder
Still in Madagascar after Chemotherapy Laura Snyder

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