Gains & Losses
Characters on a Trading Desk Engulfed in Red Ink

Self-taught to walk the taut tautology of I rule as I rule because I am who I am,
The Managing Director, clad only in red-tinted goggles, roams the trading floor.
When a trader is known by a title, the attention is to a completed past.
In control theory, it is common that bees, fish, and birds are held together by a short-range feedback loop.
Minions don the goggles. The ability to see things in new ways can lead to ordering them in new ways. Radar. Racecar.
To escape the rising ink, the two-headed Minister of Correlation and Causation climbs the wall with a cockroach. The roach zigs, the Minster zigs, the roach zags, the Minister zags.
The Analyst takes notes and compares them to his red palm print.
The Old Trader minus goggles trades to preserve a sense of identity. Infected with the referential and the convenient, he feels a hand on his neck. It is own.
Trading is the placing of attention on the periphery of “knowing.”
The Kid raised on computer games designed to be unambiguous in their language fixes his glass-eyed pheasant glaze on an occupying army of red vectors.
        1. Replication
        2. Variation (mutation)
        3. Differential (fitness)
Does extension and entanglement trump enclosure and autonomy?

Copyright 2009,  Pat Briardy

Pat Briardy is an ex-bond trader who became a middle school teacher. "Characters on a Trading Desk Engulfed in Red Ink" is part of a larger series dealing with the financial crisis. He lives in Seattle.

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