Gains & Losses
Waiting for the Free Play in the Park

Yeah, I’ll joke about the gunshot
that the soundguy is going over
for the free play in the park.  You
already know I will.  The sound
has already knocked four crows
out of the planted trees, and yes,
there they go gliding, all their
negative floating off the delicate
backlit leaves.  You already know
I will.  You can hear the sound
forming in the back of my throat,
which to you is like the back part
of my mind.  You already know
I will.  You can already hear
the joke implying your parents
and the soft blankets they’ll bring,
the cool sandwiches, the bowel of
tomatoes.  You already know I will.
They’ll just think someone backfired,
the joke would say, if I wasn’t resting
with the crows, the black crows that
almost seem silver now.  I almost
would be able to see your parents
and say, Here they come, because
here they come walking, but I am
with the back part behind me, trying
to think of a late line in the play,
because I thought I knew all the lines
to this one, and once, in a room that
looked nothing like this, my best friend
once shot me thorough me left leg.

Copyright 2009,  Casey Fuller

Casey Fuller still lives in Olympia, Washington.  He's in his final year at Pacific Lutheran University's Rainier Writer's Workshop.  For money he drives a forklift in a warehouse.

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