Gains & Losses
Blessing what's yet to be lost

Blessed be the cerebral cortex:
its bustle, its chatter, its crowd.
Blessed be the amygdala rocking
the curly-haired, dimpled, dead child.
Blessed be the spine that will hold us
to the task, to the thing that gets done.
Blessed be the life she’s forgetting,
my mother the obdurate one.
Blessed be the strength she remembers.
Blessed be the hay bales she tossed.
Blessed be the rib-cage rasp of the thin.
Blessed be our rattling embrace.


Photo Credit: US Geological Survey EROS Image Gallery

Copyright 2009,  Mary Zeppa

Mary Zeppa's poems have appeared in a variety of print and on-line journals and in several anthologies.  The author of two chapbooks,  Little Ship of Blessing (Poets Corner Press) and The Battered Bride Overture (Rattlesnake Press),  she received a 2008 Resident Fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.  Zeppa is one-fifth of Cherry Fizz, a quintet specializing in loose and unlabeled a cappella music.

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