Gains & Losses
Red-tailed Hawk

The hawk stands on one foot
with death in her other grip.
She does not pity.  Sharp-beaked
she returns to division.  The heart,
tendons, pink lungs, gall bladder,
shining loops of intestines, link
after link,  go down
and down.  Crimson,  gold-green,
and violet,  she parses each
from bone with hooked beak.
Division is her property.


Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2006,  2009,  Laura Snyder

Laura L. Snyder keeps scribbling in journals with a slanted profile so that words pour out in Seattle’s rainy weather.  Look for her in WazeeFlutter Poetry JournalCascade JournalAlimentum JournalSwitched-on Gutenberg,   Pontoon 9,  and Chrysanthemum.  "Red-tailed Hawk" was first published in Ekphrasis,  Vol. 4,  No. 1,  Spring/Summer 2006.

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