Gains & Losses

Waking up late, she ignores
tree rose silhouettes cast
in shadow against her curtain.
She fills herself with acquisitions
at the mall, steals earrings and scarves,
lifts camisoles and keychains,
slips lip liners, nylons
into her purse.  Stares at strangers
mirrored in display case glass.
At home she spreads the haul
across her comforter, calculates the take.
Three hundred seventy-two dollars
in goods scattered on an empty bed.
She turns away, looks for a book,
her drapes still shut against paling roses.

Photo Credit: US Geological Survey EROS Image Gallery

Copyright 2002,  2009,  Amy MacLennan

Amy MacLennan has been published or has work forthcoming in Hayden’s Ferry ReviewRiver Styx,   PearlLinebreakCimarron ReviewFolio, and Rattle.  Her poems are in the anthologies Not a Muse (Haven Books, 2009),  and Eating Her Wedding Dress (Ragged Sky Press,  2009).  "Enough" was first published in San Francisco Reader  November 2002.

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