Switched-on Gutenberg
Issue 13*
Poems of Place & Displacement
Letter from the Editors

Section I. At The Corner of Actual and Real
Why We Hike to the Duck Marsh Ed Harkness
Deer Isle Winter Norma Voorhees Sheard
Sacramento morning Rosalee Van Stelten
Evening Scene Bill Vernon
Neighbor complains snorer violates city noise ordinance Rochelle Ratner
Section II. Hidden Caverns and Sunken Cities
Softly from the Brick Carol Frith
In This City of Hermits Frederick Lord
She spoke of Steve Hellyard Swartz
Second Bull Run Ed Harkness
Overboard C. R. Manley
Precise Distortions Richard Fein
House Fire Elizabeth Austen
Section III. On Stage at the Humor Café
Chez Gretel Jennifer Gomoll Popolis
Delusions Laura Snyder
Tentacled Motherfucker Mike White
On the Midwest Poet Casey Fuller
Got Any New Tattoos? Joe Gouveia
The Regulars Shelley Puhak
Phosphorous Joan Maiers
Section IV. In the House of Grief
Front Porch Hilary Barnes
Maybe in My Neighbor’s House Lisa Ortiz
The Wakeful Dave Seter
My Father’s House Joseph Powell
Water Street Melissa M. Lewis
Requiem in Blue Joseph McDonough
Section V. To the Temple of Discontent
Basho, Glimpsed Mike White
Everyone Is Gone Suzanne Scarfone
Where I Come From— Gerard Wozek
Afterword: The Other America Jana Harris, editor
*With this issue, we are switching to numbering our issues by year - and this is our 13th year!
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