Poems of Place & Displacement
Neighbor complains snorer violates city noise ordinance

She grew up on a street where one neighbor constantly
looked out her living room picture window (the one that
didn't open), taking notes on what everyone else was doing,
and she vowed that when she had her own house she'd be
different. She kept the TV and stereo at low volume, had
carpets over 80% of the floor space in her apartment. If she
got up in the middle of the night she walked on hushed
tiptoes. She never used her whirlpool after ten o'clock, was
careful not to slam doors, hung pictures only when most of
her neighbors were at work. She didn't even know she
snored. Actually, more like loud animal noises.

Manga Reva mission.

Credit: US National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2007,  Rochelle Ratner

Rochelle says she's been writing a lot lately, prose poems based on news articles, her way of forging personal connections with public stories. As someone who writes both poetry and fiction, Rochelle sees prose poems as a link between the two.

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