Poems of Place & Displacement

Evening Scene

The red pickup parked
under the bent
arms of the burr oak.
The black and white Belgian,
munching hay in the corral.
The man sprawled
feet up on the foot rest,
back swiveled down
on the den's Lazy Boy.
His old mother awake in bed
with her eyes closed.
The bush-hogged weeds
and grass swirling along
on the swollen creek.
The man dreaming of a long
mountain hike, climbing
to see a cobalt blue pond
and a glacier.
The horse neighing
at a spark in his brain,
the sun setting
on a wild grassy plain.
The truck ticking
as it cools as if
something alive inside
it were playing.
The woman imagining
a long walk in the woods,
the way she could dance
for hours with her husband.

Photo Credit: US National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2007,  Bill Vernon

Bill Vernon's place is in southern Ohio. Five Star Mysteries plans to publish his novel, Old Town, in June of 2007.                                                                                                                             

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