Poems of Place & Displacement

Requiem in Blue

How everything         is at once       so clear
and then     suddenly       a dense fog moves
over the lake      where the trees are now
just outlines of trees    not even trees     really
all these years   the species appear       and
simply vanish         traceless         faceless
as if we were all               just dreaming
of flowers               rising
beneath a thin veil                   of sun
zig zagging            the stone
gardens               in a subterfuge
of blue
blue everywhere

New York City
Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2007,  Joseph McDonough

Joseph McDonough is a stockbroker living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He holds a B.A. and MBA in Economics. McDonough has been published in several journals, most recently The Penwood Review. His work is featured in the Jan 07 issues of The Stylus Poetry Journal (Australia) and Poetry Life and Times (London).

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