Poems of Place & Displacement

Front Porch

My own personal cricket,
the metronome of this day,
chirps a steady solo in the dark.
Under the bench, under the eaves, under my ear,
under my piece of Orion's belt
which tonight feels too tight.
Satiated I sit and stare-
Full of duckling, wine and seasoned sky.
The long breath off the lake
Fetches glitter, fluff and graduated blue.
Who would change a thing?
I am too full for answers-

Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2006, 2007   Hilary Barnes

Hilary Barnes was born in Detroit, Michigan, and has lived in the Seattle area since 1998. She is a wife, mother and Library Technician with well-aged BS in geology from the University of Michigan. She is desperately pursuing literacy through continuing education, extension classes and vigorous independent study.

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