Poems of Place & Displacement


When night comes
the day unfolds from his mind
like a chocolate apple
whacked against the tabletop.
The moon reveals
black and white text
scribed across the slices
that makes perfect sense to him.
By day, his mind is overrun
with liana, a living force
like ganglia, can't they see?
There are monkeys in the
drainpipes. The army placed
transmitters inside the Ajax can.
His mother came to visit,
but she only asked the location
of the orange Tupperware lid.
He’s been to the dark half
of the moon, but she never asked.

Photo Credit: US National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2007,  Laura L. Snyder

Laura L. Snyder keeps scribbling in journals. Her most recent words appear in Pontoon 9, Switched-on Gutenberg, Red River Review, Ekphrasis, Chrysanthemum, Moon Journal, and on a series of wood engraved broadsides by Seattle’s Carl Montford. You’ll find her with a journal open in art museums and wherever trees and bears hang out.

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