Switched-on Gutenberg Volume 5 Number 1
White Poem (Detail)     Copyright 2000, Joan Stuart Ross
Cartography --
How Far Have We Come?  Where Are We Going?
Determining Direction
Editor's Notes Jana Harris
My Parents Meet at La Grande Place Elline Lipkin
Winter Vacation, Galena 1996 Margot Boyer
The Question was Where have you been? Jan C. Snow
Logan Circle, Washington, D.C. Brandy Bauer
Rainbow Over New Brunswick Cynthia Kraman
40 Out Past Wentzville  Royce Sykes
Canto10 Somewhere in the Middle R. Virgil Ellis
Mapping the Human Genome Patricia Gray
Getting Laid in Manhattan (Downtown) Richard Kostelanetz
The Instructions James Bertolino
What I'm Doing Here  Chris Cantu
Americo Scott Simpson
Cretan Interlude: Lassithi Plateau Alicia Ostriker
Index & Grid
Access Code Joan Stuart Ross
Mercator Projection Arthur Ginsberg
The Hunter Ryan Able
U.S. Map Roberta Feins 
Grave Diggers Sharon Carter
A Physics Lesson Todd Sanders
RiverMap Kelly Lenox Allan
Dinosaur Monument Jo Nelson
Imagining Rota Brandy Bauer
Horse Latitudes Annette Spaulding-Convy
Errata Chris Pusateri
Boundaries & Parallels
Sleep Beau Boudreaux
Tracing the Face of the World Gayla Chaney
Map Rebecca Clark
Sensory System of Navigation Susan Terris
The Fall Line Bob Mustin
The Power of Maps Mike McDonough
La Mer des Sargasses Heather Cauchy
Gradual Improvement in Sight Sharon Carter
City of Saint Francis in Motion Annette Spaulding-Convy
A Bit of Tropic Outside the Delta Shoprite Christina Pacosz
Mapping S.W. Rickett
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