I know exactly  
where he is tonight  
by candlelight  
in a small apartment  
in Lincoln, NE  
the hot needle  
in his hand  
injecting the ink  
into his skin  

he maps his  
body, an explorer  
of sorts  
a cartographer  
a Columbus  
a Vespucci  

I fear  
he may be lost  
at sea  

I will show you  
in my glove box atlas  
where I last saw him,  
where you might  
find him  
if he has not yet  
gone down  

but beware:  
he is charting  
unmarked waters, black  
as India ink  

Copyright 2000, Scott Simpson 

Scott Simpson is a poet and songwriter living with his wife and two 
daughters in Spearfish, SD. He is also an Assistant Professor of English 
at Black Hills State University. His music can be heard or purchased at