I'm a worm. I wear the hat 
that works the latest trick. 
This feather you admire? 
I slipped it from the breast 
of a little bird I found 
and hypnotized. 
The trance reduced 
the squawking 
and a bandage caught 
the bleeding while she healed. 
Of course, to stunt her pain 
upon removal, I pulled it off 
for her with a snap, set her 
in an old top hat I'd filled 
with fallen leaves, and curled 
the crested tape into my palm. 
Take a look inside - wouldn't this 
be perfect with your eyes?

Copyright 2000, Ryan Able

Ryan's poetry sometimes gets him in trouble, but sometimes Venutians offer him money for his secrets (which they use to improve Venutian- Martian relations). It makes him feel closer to his childhood dream of being an astronaut, so he goes along with it.