Behind what the discourse says, there is what it means...and behind 
what it wants to say there is another meaning, and this process will 
never be exhausted 
                                       --Jacques Lacan 

Vows of Sobriety and Marriage  

Textbook lessons are elementary, their equations easily quantified.  They  
approach on all fours with inverted grins and are never parched for meaning.  

Each Position Also has a Secondary Responsibility  

Just as music is more than the sum of its notes.  A horn is ivory; or an  
angry taxi; or masticated brass passed off as sound, but is never, and I  
mean never, a calculator.  

An Example for Young People  

Myth vs. Millennia.  Statues stand on grassy knolls, hats in hand,  
recounting this deed or that, and still the pigeons shit on them.  

Check the Appropriate Box  

This goes without saying, but then, so do most things.  A laugh, when it  
comes, is nothing more than a frown's overcoat.  

Plenty of Corn, Plenty of Locusts  

They strolled in a dusk the color of emergencies and she talked about a time  
when love was more than just brushstrokes.  He answered that grammar is only  
an artificial interrogative, the silence that precedes what we really mean.  
That being said, they were no better off than before. 

Copyright 2000, Chris Pusateri 

Chris Pusateri was educated in Jamaica and the United States. He earned a graduate degree in 
creative writing from the University of New Mexico and recently repatriated to the United States after a spell in Mexico City. Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Nimrod, and Luna; his chapbook, Magnetic North, was published in March 2000 by Saki Press.  "Errata" first appeared in Denver Quarterly vol 34, no 4, Winter 2000.