Switched-on Gutenberg Volume 5 Number 2
                                                                            Photo by James Luciana
Prose Poems
Holly Anderson Tableau
Rebecca Balcarcel Back Home During Drought
John Bradley Cloud Removal: Based on Actual Events
Maura Alia Bramkamp Pieds a Terre
Stephen Campiglio Wigwam Ave
Julie Cooper-Fratrik Feast (The Body in Hunger)
Kathryn Cumming Rainbow Obsidian
Ruth Daigon Back Then
Susan Erickson Delightful Places to Kiss
Linda Fulsaas Missed Approach
D.J. Gaskin Sliced Moon
Kevin Griffith Dispatches from a Distant War
Judith Katz Levine Living with Ratfinder
Jane Kennedy Writing Journal
Mary Ladd Orgasmic Orange
Stuart R. Lavin Blue 71/Marshland
Mercedes Lawry Library Books
Robin Lindley Inland Empire
Shikha Malaviya Hindu
Molly McGee "Sempre uma coisa"
"E cantou a cantiga"
Robert Miltner Passing Interest
Charles H. Oberkher Surf Clam
Joyce Odam The Blanket
Louis Phillips Revised Penal Law
Patricia Ranzoni Present
Larry Rapant Letter to God #1
Letter to God #2
Rochelle Ratner Last Week
Zack Rogow Charged Particle
Tamara Kaye Sellman Immortality
Marc Sheehan The Kitchen
Bruce Taylor Exercise #1
Jay Udall The Old Woman and the Gray Cat
Sam Vaknin Cutting to Existence
Frank Van Zant It's 1968
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    James Luciana received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University in 1976, and is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He teaches courses and workshops in Non-Silver/Alternative Processes and Digital Imaging, has exhibited in national and international group and solo exhibitions. His photos are represented in a number of collections