For her last week of wife training he sends her... flowers or a plant... she can’t remember. You think it was so long ago, but nine years isn’t. And the woman in the flower store where she ordered the corsage was the same woman he spoke to but she kept her mouth shut. He was wondering if she would. For her last week... They held onto the card at least, kept it on its white plastic spoke and placed it in the base of the iron tavern puzzle she’d bought him years before, two hearts intertwined. The trick is to part them. 

Copyright 2001,  Rochelle Ratner 

Rochelle Ratner's a novelist, poet, and critic. Her books include two novels: Bobby's Girl (Coffee House Press, 1986) and The Lion's Share (Coffee House Press, 1991) and thirteen poetry books, including Practicing to Be A Woman: New and Selected Poems (Scarecrow Press, 1982), Someday Songs (BkMk Press/Univ. of MissouriKansas City, 1992), and Zodiac Arrest (Ridgeway Press, 1995). An anthology she edited, Bearing Life: Women’s Writings on Childlessness, was published in January 2000 by The Feminist Press.