Today I walked to the brook again it has been so long don't ask why.  It's my younger sister's 
birthday the first one born after the war. You should've heard her on trumpet won the John Philip 
Sousa Award at school. The brook brings her back to me what harmony you should hear us sing-- 
gospel, hymns, rock 'n' roll you name it  but you should've heard her on trumpet--solo duets she 
was a  parade  like these bands of moss brilliant to stumble upon again greener than green through 
the flat of another year's crumbling leaves. This is her brook as much as mine.  Today I can hear 
her play here again. I told you-- don't ask-- 

Copyright 2001, Patricia Ranzoni 

Patricia Ranzoni writes from the subsistence farm where she grew up in Maine. Her first collection, CLAIMING, was published in 1995 by Puckerbrush Press which brought out her second, SETTLING, this fall.  She is a founder of SpiritWords/Maine Poetries Collaborative. Her web page: