Section 841.256. Subdivision: Oxymoron of the Revised Penal Law 
governing the reading of this prose poem provides that a person is 
guilty of reading this poem if he/she/ it loiters on or about the 
premises which underlie the creation of said poem, or if he/she/it 
remains in the presence of said poem with its attendant lines and 
figures of speech for a discernable measure of time not easily 
quantified, not having any reason or relationship to the writer, or not 
invoking any responsibility for what the poem means or how it may or may 
not affect other innocent persons, nor possessing any other specific, 
legitimate reason for spending valuable time in such an economically 
displeasing enterprise, and not having the written permission from the 
poet and his/her/its publisher or from any other person duly authorized 
to grant same. Conviction of reading this poem without praising it and 
its author is a violation, punishable by imprisonment not exceeding l5 
days (Section 70:15) or a fine not to exceed $250 (section 80.05. Subdivision 4). 

Copyright 2001, Louis Phillips 

Louis Phillips is a widely-published poet, playwright, and short-story writer, whose one-act play , "TRAGEDY: A COMEDY," is in the Fall issue of THE GEORGIA REVIEW. In the Spring of 2001, Fort Schuyler Press will publish his second colllection of short stories, THE BUS TO THE MOON