everything was simple you were A+ smart or dumb ma claimed a solid breakfast 
helped the brain her cooking was the best because we hurried home right past 
mcpherson's dog who licked your hand or took a chunk out of your leg  as 
north winds blasted or summer sun  raised blisters on backs that mrs. goldin 
soothed with vinegar and olive oil while mr goldin told the same old jokes 
again we float a life time above the kitchen talk in rooms of broken english 
where  if you took the dare to walk backwards downstairs we must have missed 
a few since one day more is one day less we fall from sleep and walk with 
shoes laced tight outdistancing childhood and before we know the sandman's 
come adjusting chin straps putting pennies on lids it's not the first leaving 
but it may well be the last 

Copyright 2001,  Ruth Daigon 

Ruth Daigon's Poetry National awards include  The Ann Stanford Award (Southern California Anthology, 1998) and The Greensboro Poetry Award (Greensboro Arts Council), 2000. Her latest poetry collection "The Moon Inside" (Gravity/Newton's Baby) was published December 1999. She is part of Pudding House Publications Poetry Chapbook Series "Ruth Daigon's Greatest 
Hits 1970-2000"  that feature poems covering the span of poets' careers. "Payday At The Triangle" based on the Triangle factory fire in New York City, 1911 is on the verge, 2001...and another major poetry collection "Stained Glass Cantatas" (Cedar Hill Publications) is scheduled for 2002.