(The Body in Hunger)

fly to daddy, ladybirds: 8-spot, 16, pinned to the walls; yum yum; and many a dirty green; 5-spot, 10-spot; spilled, all gone, gulp; blue blue mussels; fishbones too; Crane: fork shovel nut toptoptoy; yumgulpgone; now it beginza, needles and pinza: safety; straight, pinned to the wall; tongue likes lickety split; pin down, gotcha, yum; udon soba yum; poets Tu. Fu Issa good meal, lick lick going down, now, going down; he'd net a swallow butter tail fly if he could, but gulp he's gone. Jonah and the whale; god, he'd swallow hIM whole too and it would serve (save) him right; thump plunk thump plink; the captain, ahem; scarlet harlot's fragile cap, white stalk going down, the ruby-throated's soft wings, tickle tickle, flutter down fathom hole less bottom o Him too, hard green apple 

Copyright 2001,  Julie Cooper Fratrik 

Julie Cooper Fratrik lives with her partner, a conceptual artist, in rural upper Bucks County, PA, where they tend vegetable, flower and herb gardens, make art, read, discuss ideas, cook, walk, and generally enjoy life. She has have recently finished a manuscript-length poem "(A)nna (M)orphous: days", and is working on a philosophical study of the space(s) in which art and love occur(s): "Beyond the Objects of Affection: The Space of the Artist in the Space of the World".