Switched-on Gutenberg Volume 6 Number 1
Flora & Fauna: Poetry in Form
Editor's Notes Roberta P. Feins, Issue Editor
Slow Growth John Anderson
Birds, Bees, and an Orange Tree Kent Chadwick
Cinquain of the Chairs Julie Cooper-Fratrik
The Absinthe Parlor Jeff Crandall
Diminished Things Kathleen Dale
Choke Berry Tree in Winter Maija Rhee Devine
Four Clouds Carol Frith
Viburnum Carol Frith
Releasing a Bird Mark Halperin
Poem Beginning with the Ending and Ending with the Beginning Tom C. Hunley
Such Reds Mercedes Lawry
Migration James Owens
Holy Week in the Mojave Lee Patton
Preparing Wine Aja Rajendran
Cat Remains are Found Lucille Gang Shulklapper
Honeysuckle Rufus Skeens
The Price Rufus Skeens
1017 River Road Shari Diane Willadson
Boy or Girl Sharon Carter
Costa Verde Sharon Carter
The Heart Wants Sharon Carter
Rain Forest Sharon Carter
Stalemate Sharon Carter
Body Landscape Pamela Moore Dionne
Dancing Nude Pamela Moore Dionne
Dead Heat Pamela Moore Dionne
Sunlight Through Alder Pamela Moore Dionne
Chairs Nura Petrov
Fallen Sunflowers Nura Petrov
Ibex in Judean Desert Reva Sharon
Tristram's Grackles Reva Sharon
Windflowers  Reva Sharon
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