Cinquain Of The Chairs

the chairs are gone 
from the grassy knoll, and 
no one sits where we sat long years 

turning slowly 
toward the otherís face 
toward her vacancy, her sad 
-ness there 

fluttered birds were 
hard berries her words were 
when she turned toward the other 

her there in the 
evening humid with dusk 
and just before the dark pulls down 


Poem, Copyright 2001,  Julie Cooper-Fratrik Chairs.  Image Copyright 2001,  Nura Petrov

Julie Cooper-Fratrik has recent or forthcoming work in The Styles, Chachalaca Review, So To Speak and The Leap Years: Women Reflect on Change, Loss and Love

A cinquain is a 5 line stanza form generally with a set number of syllables to each line (2-4-6-8-2).

Nura Petrov ( is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she majored in sculpture, and the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied art history, archaeology and anthropology. She lives in rural south- eastern Pennsylvania. The old barn, her studio, is overflowing with outrageous poetic investigations made of sticks and string, stones and branches wrapped in cloth, tied and untied. 
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