Preparing Wine

Here, grapes are seasonal 
    So are the flowers. 
    And the fish. 
Earlier this March, 
they squeezed the black variety into a vessel, 
added yeast to ferment and sealed it up. 
    In a month or so, 
it will turn to wine. 

For now it buzzes like a honey comb. 
They have become bees on close guard. 
The grapes were flowers containing raw nectar. 
The fermenting wine will become honey. 
Those who consumed the fruits impatiently in mouthfuls 
were butterflies sucking through tongues, 
      ignorant to anything sweeter than sugar.


Poem previously published in, 2001, Aja Rajendran Fallen Sunflowers 
Image copyright 2001, Nura Petrov

Aja Rajendran lives in Bombay, India and is a member of the poetic community Aja has published in

Preparing Wine is based on a sonnet form.

Nura Petrov ( is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she majored in sculpture, and the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied art history, archaeology and anthropology. She lives in rural south- eastern Pennsylvania. The old barn, her studio, is overflowing with outrageous poetic investigations made of sticks and string, stones and branches wrapped in cloth, tied and untied.
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