Such Reds
I am  
only true in  
the garden where the lush  
poppies equal language, shameless  



Poem Copyright 2001, Mercedes Lawry Boy or Girl   Image Copyright 2001, Sharon Carter

Mercedes Lawry has received an award from Seattle Arts Commission, is a current participant in the Jack Straw Writers Program, and a former GAP Grant recipient. She has previously appeared in Switched-on Guttenberg, Poetry, Seattle Review, Fine Madness, and others. She has had a children's book accepted for publication and recently won a prize in a Seattle Weekly writing contest. 

Such Reds is a cinquain, a 5 line stanza form generally with a set number of syllables (2-4-6-8-2)  to each line.

Sharon Carter obtained her medical degree from Cambridge University and immigrated in 1979.  Her poems have been published in many presses including Pontoon and King County Metro's Art On The Buses. Publications including her art are: Spindrift, Raven Chronicles, Chiyo's Corner, Disquieting Muses and the Permanente Journal. She has been awarded a Hedgebrook residency and is currently on the editorial board of Literary Salt.
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