Jean Dubois & Francine Porad

Ready . . . Set . . . Go

brush in hand
and the blue Sound sparkling

          sails matching sky

                    anchored in sunlight

field glasses
bug and worm
under scrutiny

          eagle eye spots the woodlily
          shy among the willows

                    a design for artwork

the vibrancy
of the patchwork quilt
around frail shoulders

          Sunshine and Shadow *
          life and death

                    squirrel scampers in fallen leaves

in the morning
ice art
bright on black water

          diamond and onyx
          anniversary gift

                    tripping the light fantastic

roses with a note:
the honeymoon
is not over

          white-hot words
          on cool linen coverstock

                    books beneath the glass table

Tom Sawyer's fence
Pinocchio's long long nose
the Black Spot

          election time
          robins plump their feathers

                    fat's in the fire now

witches without brooms
hand in hand with clowns
trick or treat

          my doctor nephew
          makes a computer house-call

                    crash on I-70 eastbound

out of their orderly V,
and one straggler

          playing catch-up
          bouncing from desk to sewing machine

                    apron with eight pockets

seed for all--
in tune: chickadees,
wrens and the chipmunk

          the wily turkey
          forages in the snow

                    peace tops a "Wish List"

the world seethes
but in the manger
the Christ Child

          the star
          the Three Kings coming

                    only silence New Year's eve

a new regime
a new resolve
dancing in the streets

          lottery winner

                    fortune smiles

wow! in the cookie:
You've got a way with words:
maximize on it.

          "Altered Ego"
          in one frame two self-portraits

                    Gemini…gleaming in the winter sky

* American quilt pattern

Copyright 1996, Jean Dubois & Francine Porad

Jean Dubois, a poet-photographer-essayist, is widely published in the U.S. and has also published
poetry in Canada, England, and Japan. In addition to renga like this one she wrote with Francine
Porad, Jean writes haiku, tanka, sijo, and haibun, as well as western-style lyric verse. In addition to
two collections of poetry, Silent Stones, Empty Passageways (San Miquel Press, 1992) with her
photographer son Lee Dubois, and The Same Sweet Yellow (San Miquel Press, 1994), her work has
appeared in numerous anthologies. She is a frequent reader and workshop leader at haiku events, and
served as co-editor of One Breath, the Haiku Society of America's 1995 Members' Anthology.

Francine Porad lives, writes, and paints in the Seattle, Washington area. She is a former president
of the Haiku Society of America and editor for eight years of Brussels Sprout, an international journal
of haiku and art. Francine has published fourteen collections of haiku. Her haiku have appeared in
many U.S. and international journals and anthologies, including Haiku Moment (Charles E. Tuttle,
1993) and Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac (Kodanshu, 1996). Francine is a
frequent guest lecturer and presenter and will be appearing at Haiku International in Tokyo, April
1997. "Ready...Set...Go" first appeared in Cicada #22.

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