Jenny Scott

Just Another Over-Easy Two-Strip Sizzle

She was in a January mood,
a matted-grass lawn-popsicle funk,
a sliced-icy star-spiked night in a
freeze-yer-pipes kinda way.

He was her French toast man,
her cocoa on the stove,
her fluffed-up warm biscuit
with a dab a jam.
Her syrupy you-know-what.

They were jelly-jam tart and
pecan petunia, went together
like a window and a breeze.

And in the cool radish of a leftover day
he took her pea-pumpkin hand,
and they strode horselike, all trotty,
through the julep afternoon,

sittin' higher than horseflies
in the buzzy golden dandelion of June.

Copyright 1997, Jenny Scott

Jenny Scott's poems have appeared in Point No Point, Duelist Online, and Magic: The Gathering
. She has also published interviews and articles. She lives on a Puget Sound island with two
cats, an artist, a beagle, and the knowledge that Oprah's enthusiasm for book clubs will surely wane
before her first poetry collection is published. Her e-mail address is

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