Robert Schoene

Alki Café

Sunday sulks over Puget Sound.
Raindrops hang on window panes
Next to our table. Gulls and shags
Squabble off Alki. Ferries shuffle
Between Winslow and Bremerton.

As we linger over coffee, clouds
Gravid and gray, I am stunned.
I flash to a year before, an outdoor
Brunch in Marin on the slopes of Mt. Tam.
Redwoods below the ridge.
Sun and your hair.

But today when there is no sun,
I realize light from you
Is reflecting off rain-etched windows.

Copyright 1997, Robert Schoene

Robert Schoene is on the faculty of the School of Medicine at the University of
Washington. His numerous poetry publications have appeared in both regional and
national journals.

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