Thematic Table of Contents

Larry Hugginswords just waiting
Maura Alia BramkampWhen I Was Thin
Barry SpacksPosition Paper
Jan Wallace Adagio
Scott GalassoDrum Circle
Scott Galasso Kobe
Liz Walsh-Boyd Remedy for Sorrow I, II, & III
Christine DeavelCarnal (A New Opening Into His Body)
David Athey Mister Body and Miss Communication
Ted LordThe cock ring at the airport...
Ted Lord In Time
Authur GinsbergThe Bread of Affliction
Barbara L. ThomasAlways Careful Potatoes Do Not Touch...
Kay Mullen No Ordinary Sleep
Peg Davis Right Here, Under the Milky Way
Sean Bentley Outside Is as Usual
Taylor GrahamRoots and Rot
Zack Rogow A Letter from George Sand
R.B. SchoeneWitness to History
Mary Lynne EvansIn the Dark
Lauren KaushanskyInstalling Screens, Everywhere
Joan SwiftNorma Jeane: The Deer
Joan Larkin Origins
Derek SheffieldCrossings
James Bertolino My Cathedral
Peter Horn A bloody cross against your name
Pat Swenson Living Things
Pat Swenson Cliff Swallows
Gordon CoonfieldThe Avocado and the Magpie
Jim GurleyField Guide
Erika BauerWaterfall
Eileen DuncanSunflowers
Robin Lindley Landlocked People Often Dream the Sea
Scott Reid SerkesKnowledge of the Elements
James GurleyThe 73 Octaves of Nature
Diane Kirsten-MartinDon't Ask
Michael KleinRooms We Didn't Live In
Errol HessLegless Zen Master
Jaime Manrique My Night with Federico Garcia Lorca
Linda Malnack Beachcomber Island (Fiji, 1985)
Joan Ross Blaedel Prince of Darkness
Bonnie BladerR.M.
Joanne Barrie Lynn Boxes, Locked and Found
Jeanne Lance The End
John W. Marshall Booklist (poetry book reviews)