Jeanne Lance

The End

The world doesn't need more poets
there are quite enough as it is
all vying for attention
in willful suspension of disbelief

Overly zealous and
also quite jealous
the intrigue the intrigue the intrigue
puts me totally out of their league

I'll just rest here indolent
leave off malevolent
not dress in crinoline
not speak in Catalan

In event of an earthquake
just leave me to heartache
I'm suffering from toothache
The world doesn't need more poets

Copyright 1996, Jeanne Lance

Jeanne Lance is the author of four chapbooks of poetry and short prose, including
Mass Psychosis (Jungle Garden Press, 1983). Her poems have recently appeared in
6ix and her short prose will appear in several issues of Mercury. Jeanne, who
formerly coedited the literary magazine Gallery Works, now works as an editor at
the University of California, Santa Cruz.