Alphabetical Table of Contents

David Athey - Mister Body and Miss Communication
Erika Bauer - Waterfall
Sean Bentley - Outside Is as Usual
James Bertolino - My Cathedral
Bonnie Blader - R.M.
Joan Ross Blaedel - Prince of Darkness
Maura Alia Bramkamp - When I was Thin
Gordon Coonfield - The Avocado and the Magpie
Peg Davis - Right Here, Under the Milky Way
Christine Deavel - Carnal (A New Opening Into His Body)
Eileen Duncan - Sunflowers
Mary Lynne Evans - In the Dark
Scott Galasso - Kobe
Scott Galasso - Drum Circle
Arthur Ginsberg - The Bread of Affliction
Taylor Graham - Roots and Rot
Jim Gurley - Field Guide
Jim Gurley - The 73 Octaves of Nature
Errol Hess - Legless Zen Master
Paul Horn - A bloody cross against your name
Larry Huggins - words just waiting
Lauren Kaushansky - Installing Screens, Everywhere
Diane Kirsten-Martin - Don't Ask
Michael Klein - Rooms We Didn't Live In
Jeanne Lance - The End
Joan Larkin - Origins
Robin Lindley - Landlocked People Often Dream the Sea
Ted Lord - The cock ring at the airport...
Ted Lord - In Time
Joanne Barrie Lynn - Boxes, Locked and Found
Linda Malnack - Beachcomber Island (Fiji, 1985)
Jaime Manrique - My Night with Federico Garcia Lorca
John W. Marshall - Booklist (poetry book reviews)
Kay Mullen - No Ordinary Sleep
Zack Rogow - A Letter from George Sand
R.B. Schoene - Witness to History
Scott Reid Serkes - Knowledge of the Elements
Derek Sheffield - Crossings
Barry Spacks - Position Paper
Pat Swenson - Living Things
Pat Swenson - Cliff Swallows
Joan Swift - Norma Jeane: The Deer
Barbara L. Thomas - Always Careful Potatoes Do Not Touch...
Jan Wallace - Adagio
Liz Walsh-Boyd - Remedy for Sorrow I, II, & III