Science & Technology
Editors' Poems:
Love as a Study of Energy and Matter Janée J. Baugher
Shell Mudra Roberta P. Feins
The Inertia of a Body Depends Upon Its Energy-ContentLinda Malnack
The Science of Beginning Kelli Russell Agodon
The Kolgorov Manifest David Annwn
Resonance Donna Mae Brown
Fahrenheit 451 Revisited C. E. Chaffin
Cosmology Cooking Robin Chapman
Gravel, Mine Rebecca Clark
Theory of Relatives (after Einstein) Allan Douglass Coleman
Fear Of Science Lucille Lang Day
Ionic Bonds Jessica de Koninck
The night I went fishing with Joe Davis
from the Institute of Technology
Mary Lynne Evans
Baseline of the Soul Arthur Ginsberg
Advanced Alchemy Jessica Goodfellow
Warming Sonnet Brad Hatfield
The Muscles Of The Face Timothy Kelly
Kirlian Effect Lori Lamothe
This Year’s Model Stephen Mead
Physics Exam Answer Sheet Patricia Monaghan
Blacker Black Dave Rea
Childhood Montage with Liquid Nitrogen Judith Skillman

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