Science & Technology
      United by their tenderness, united by their intellectual
      passions, they had, in a wooden shack, the anti-natural
      existence for which they had both been made.
                   Eve Curie

Letters inked on a plane of paper
squirmed like insects, mocking him,
while numbers soared, steady as cathedrals,
and crystals tolled out truths
that only he could hear.
He stroked them, warmed them,
conjured a quickening, his
piezoelectric pressure, vibrations
humming through quartz like shivers
through flesh.
When he found her, stolid and rigid
as rock, not among humans,
transmutation began in earnest—
stability to fluency to stability
elements decaying to lead
notebooks filling
with their symbols commingled,
enmeshment of structure and resonance.
Then half-lives, decay,
loss of electrons, collapse,
the dust of his bones.

Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Copyright 2008,  Donna Mae Brown

Poems by Donna Mae Brown have recently appeared in Blueline, Red River Review, Toasted Cheese, English Journal, Tiger's Eye, Diner, Pontoon, and other publications. She is a high school counselor who writes from the beautiful sagebrush steppe of central Washington State.

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