Science & Technology
The Kolgorov Manifest


      a flow regime

      rapid variation of

            pressure & velocity


      on many scales

interact with each other

      energy cascades

             from large scale structures

                        to smaller

via inertia

      solutions are unstable

                    dependence on initial

      & boundary


      makes fluid


      in time and in space


                    proposed the first

                          statistical theory

relating to turbulence:

                     the cascade

                     through microscales

and self-similarities

are broken

      inhering to

on other levels:

mesocyclones within

      a convective storm

                    ionized crowns

                                   of hail and lightning.

             As a result,

                                   the Kolmogorov microscales

              were named after him, still,

              the complete description

of turbulence remains one of the

              unsolved problems

                               in physics.

Copyright 2008,  David Annwn

David Annwn lectures for the Open University in Manchester, U.K.. He is a recipient of the Cardiff International Poetry Award and a Ferguson Centre award for African and Asian Studies.Most recent amongst his books are two collaborations with Geraldine Monk and with Alan Halsey. One of his poems has been made into a book of calligraphy by Thomas Ingmire for the San Francisco Libraries Collection. His newest collection, is Bela Fawr's Cabaret, (Westhouse/Ahadada 2008).

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