Science & Technology
This Year's Model

Can you love me like chocolate?
This packaging is sumptuous, not
A product on the screen.
Your thumb, the flicking switch
Creates reality instantaneous,
The frequencies of channels.

Who needs to communicate?
Chemicals can satisfy, machinery respond.
But, shut off appliances, & I'm more electrical,
A transmitter requiring no wiring, only

Come, run through gadgets. Transcend circuits.
Take silicon, create song.
This terminal is useful, interpreting thoughts,
Blind desire.

You are hungriest in your box of abundant
Selection, your mind blue & silver with patterns
An off-air station relays.

I go to caress you. Tune the set.
Are you in there?
Look, I'm a poem.
Where's the soul who can read me?

Copyright 2008,  Stephen Mead

Stephen Mead is an artist and writer living in Northeastern NY. Please feel free to put his name in any search engine for links to his writing and art.

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